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14 October 2008 @ 12:50 am
Food Blog #4  
My sister visited this weekend, which is why I haven't posted my daily food blogs for a while, and this also means I have three different meals to post up here this time. On Friday I made two different things, since my mom had to go pick my sister up from the Buffalo airport right after work (It's two hours away), so I made her something quick to go. Then I made quesadillas for when they got back at around midnight...and on sunday I made homemade pizza!! So without further ado...here we go!

The first thing I made on friday was a simple hot dog wrap. The only real reason I'm even mentioning it here is because I like how the picture came out :P Basically I cooked two hot dogs on a skillet, heated up a tortilla shell and lined it with ketchup, cut up pieces of a roll, relish (with the moisture sponged out) and wrapped it up around the hot dogs for a wrap. That's it! Yay :)

At around midnight when my mom arrived with my sister, I prepared some lovely quesadillas for them. I seasoned some tilapia fish in salt, pepper,and spike, and grilled it over oil and butter on a medium heat.
I chopped up two avocados and mixed it with salt, pepper, diced cherry tomatoes, and cooked roasted corn. Setting that aside, I chopped up some orange bell peppers and cherry tomatoes to add with the fish into the quesadillas, shredded some cheddar and jalapeño cheese and cooked them about two minutes to each side on a frying pan. I served it with the guacamole and some sour cream and that's it :) I served it with sweetened lime juice!

And now for my pride and joy...I never tried making home made pizza before, so I thought I'd give it a try ^^; Making the dough was a pain in the ass, but was worth it because it came out well. But because you can find recipes for pizza dough all over the web, I'm leaving that part out.
Basically, I made some pizza sauce from tomato sauce, salt, pepper, oregano, and some jalapeño cheese and covered that over the prepared pizza dough (I made it a little too watery, though).
Then I added some chopped fresh mozzarella cheese, chopped red onion, various colored bell peppers, diced cherry tomatoes. I candied pecans with sugar and butter to sprinkle over that, then added some chicken that I seasoned with salt, pepper and spike and cooked on a skillet and chopped up. Over that I put some feta cheese and oregano, cooked it in a 420 degree oven for about 20-25 movies, and voila!! I served it with a small fruit salad consisting of blackberries, strawberries, pears, and apples; added a bit of lime juice and grape juice and sugar, mixed it all together and served it up with the pizza for some added color. I was very happy with how it came out!

I served the pizza with this beverage..I can't take credit for it, I found the recipe online. It's basically a homemade soda with lemon juice, powdered sugar, and seltzer water, with grape juice added in at the end to add a bit of flavor and color. It was tasty ^^